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diversity day 2
Diversity Day

Wauw, wat een dag! Vandaag was de Diversity Day van het Drive-in festival. Een dag die in het teken stond van leren. Diversity is een samenstelling van diversiteit en universiteit en wat een Diversity was het vandaag. In totaal waren we met 70 studenten/docenten/onderwijsdeskundigen, die allemaal uit andere generaties kwamen en allemaal dus ook weer…

Community of Practice
Community of Practice in Parenting, a research together(e)

Last September I submitted my final thesis for the master Imagineering. Today I got the good news that my thesis is approved! Time to share this thesis with you guys. The research objectives of this study were to gain insight into the success factors and the challenges of communities of practice and investigate what the…

Who needs a leader?

Who Needs a leader? We all know the hierarchical top-down organized organizations. There have clear leaders who give the orders. But in this world that is getting more complex new organizations systems emerge. For example the self-organizing bottom-up systems. There is no central controlling mechanism that instructs the system. This kind of system you can…

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