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Who needs a leader?

Who Needs a leader?
We all know the hierarchical top-down organized organizations. There have clear leaders who give the orders. But in this world that is getting more complex new organizations systems emerge. For example the self-organizing bottom-up systems. There is no central controlling mechanism that instructs the system. This kind of system you can also recognize in nature. For example the bird flocks. There is no bird in charge, the birds can adept to their circumstances and are able to organize bottom-up. In these dynamical systems it is possible to learn and adapt to changes in their internal and external environments.
This video is a good example of a situation where a group of people got a simple task that they needed to perform without a leader.

What you can see in the video is that the group can organize themselves without someone is telling them how to do it. They were able to adapt to the circumstances and succeed the task by looking good to everyone in their environment.
The Performatory is a good example of a place where this kind of organizing happens. The hosts of the community are facilitating the space and events, but they do not decide what is needed. The whole community (students, experts and entrepreneurs) decide what the DNA of the community is: ‘Where is the energy?’ ‘What is interesting?’ ‘What kind of actions are done?’ It is organized by everyone in the community. There is not one leader, but a group of people who take the lead, the active core . They contribute the most in the community. Besides the active core you have the followers. They respond on what the active core is doing and join them in their action.
So I think that we don’t need just one leader in these kind of dynamical systems who says what to do and how to get it done. What do you think, do we need a leader?
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