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Creativity is a state of mind

Last block I had lecture by Geoff Maree (NHTV Lecturer Imagineering) about creativity. During my study at the NHTV I experienced many creative processes.  There is always someone who says “I cannot do this, because I’m not creative” then always someone responds with saying that “everyone is creative, so you can do this”. Here I was always nodding yes to, but exactly what that meant I did not really know. Last week I got an answer. But before I will tell you about this, I will ask you if you can correct this calculation without changing it? Think about it, at the end of this blog I will get back on it.


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Thus everyone is creative, but why do some people have the feeling that they are not creative? Is it like in Dutch said “between the ears”? But how does that works? In the lecture by Geoff explained how our brains work. Your left brain part is the traditional logical thinking, also known as vertical thinking. Vertical thinking is a step by step process. It is about proving or developing the patterns in your mind and it is very analytical. This kind of thinking is very is easy, because we are trained to use this kind of thinking.
Your right brain is the part where the creative thinking takes place, also known as lateral thinking. Lateral thinking is about looking in a different way. It is restructuring, provocating and escaping from the patterns in your mind.
An example to make clear what the difference between the two ways of thinking are. Walking in the vertical way of thinking is moving straight ahead. That are the patters your mind knows. But walking in the lateral way of thinking would be moving sideways. This is escaping the patterns in your mind.
Today I also read a very funny story about this in the creative app from Roger von Oech.(the whack pack).
Folklore has it that the explorer Columbus challenged some Spanish courtiers to stand an egg on its end. They tried but weren’t able to keep the egg from toppling over. Columbus then hard-boiled one and squashed one end of it to create a base. “That’s not fair,” they protested. “Don’t be silly,” Columbus replied, “you just assumed way more than necessary.”
The moral of this story is that our assumptions are great for most of what we do, but sometimes they can limit our creativity. So if you have problems with creative thinking you need to train your right brain. Do not go for the options that your mind is used to, but try to escape the familiar patterns in your mind.
So to come back at the question I asked in the beginning. Do you already know the answer? Try to change your perception. Try to read it upside down;)
Do you also have tips to be more creative?
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  1. Really looking forward to read more. Really Cool.

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